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        1.      Length: 1500 / 2500 mm

2.      Outer diameter: 76 – 121 mm

3.      Wall thickness: 3.0 – 4.0 mm

4.      Material: Q235 / Q195

5.      Surface treatment: hot dip galvanizing

6.   Scope of application: mainly applicable to sandy land and soft soil

7.   Reference value of pulling force of test sand: 12.7 KN

8.     Reference value of test sand bearing capacity: 22KN

9.     Reference value of horizontal torsion of test sand: 5.5KN

10.  Scope of application: fixation of pile foundation of solar power station, fence, wooden simple house, billboard and Flag Foundation

11.  Product advantages: green environmental protection, strong applicability, high cost performance and high installation efficiency.