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Place of Origin  : Zhejiang China                                                Brand Name : ZHTC                                             Model Number : : XPR

Gearing Arran. :  Harmonic                                                           Out Torque    :1.2-1000 Nm                                 Input Power     :0.01-1.5 KW


Packing & Delivery

Packing Details  : cartons ,wooden case

Delivery Time     :  30 days


The XPF pancake component set offers the designer high ratio, in-line mechanical power transmissions in extremely compact configurations,and is required is suitable bearing support for the input and output shaft, and a means of fixing the circular spline against rotation


Key Feature :

·         Flat shape type

·         High positioning and rotational accuracies

·         Low axial width

·         Easily adapted to customer supplied assembly

XPF component set consist of :

·         Wave generator, an elliptical bearing assembly

·         Flexspline, a non-rigid ring with external teeth

·         Circular Spline, rigid internal gear

·         Dynamic Spline, rigid internal gear

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Technical date sheet:

Data sheet 0.4 0.8.jpg