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Place of orgin : Zhejiang China (Mainland)                        Model Number :KAH Series                   Gearing Arran.:   Harmonic Gear plus motor

Brand  :Kaiserdrive                                                            Output Torque : 8.6 - 800 N m                         Precision Grade: 7 arc sec

Packing & Delivery 

Packing details : cartons,wooden case 

Features :

  • High Precision : the absolute positioning accuracy can be up to less than 10 arc second (0.0028 degree)

  • Large Torque : small size but large torque,maximum output torque can reach 800N m.

  • Hollow Hole : internal threading hole with large diameter,easy for passing through cables ,air hoses,laser beams etc.

  • Long Life : accuracy still remains unchanged even used for over 20,000 hours

  • Backlash Free : drive with no backlash

  • Integration : integrate harmonic speed reducer,torque motor,electromagnetic brake,encoder and other sensors in one .

  • Quick Response : great dynamic reponse performance,preferred choice for laser proccessing device ,factory automation systerms etc.

  • Low Vibration : extremely low noise ,ideal choice for semiconductor,medical imging qquipement,precision instruments and other applications.

  • High Pretection : protection level up to IP67.

  • Maintenance Free : no need for regular mantenance ,lubricant change etc.

Model Code :

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Specifications and Drawings :

1.for KAH 14 and KAH 17

specs 14-17 01 0.70.jpg

The drawing of 14,17 0.4.jpg

2.for KAH 20 and KAH 25

spes KAH 20,25.jpg

Drawing of KAH 20,25.jpg

3.for KAH 32 and KAH 40

spes KAH 32,40.jpg

Drawing of KAH 32,40.jpg