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Place of orgin : Zhejiang China (Mainland)                            Model Number :VRB                                    Gearing Arran.:   Planetary

Rated Power : 0.2.-7.5 kw                                                     Output Torque : 17-2250 N m                         Precision Grade: 3 arcmin

Packing & Delivery 

Packing details : cartons,wooden case 

Features : 

  • Using the helical gear drive,by carburizing queching,grinding teeth,tooth trace,tooth profile corrections treatment to make sure  that the low noise ,smoothness and carrying capacity are much better than straight booth

  • The overall output shaft ,both ends of the gear with a bearing support,bcan be achieved more accurate and high intensity.

  • The use of bearing for axial fixed support reduces running friction of the machine body to guarantee running cryogenically and    efficiently. 

  • Backlash can be made less than 3 arcmin (signle-stage) according to customer requirements.   

  • Rotating body balancing correction to ensure more stable running.     

  • Application with any servo motor,.module combination of input and output and it supports special connection design, easy to   install and be reliable

  • Simple maintenance and no need to replace the grease in the product's lifetime  

Model :




 90 - 

10 - 

 S2    - 









Name of Series 

: VRB series


Model Size

: 62,85,130,200



: 5,10,15,20,...




    = shaft output 



: Backlash



Technical Parameter :

Paremeter 0.4.jpg


Part Dimension drawings :



VRB60 for 1 stage :

VRB60-L1-Model 0.08.jpg


VRB60 for 2 stage : 


VRB60-L2-Model s.jpg


VRB90 for 1 stage :

VRB90-L1-Model s830.jpg


VRB90 for 2 stage : 


VRB90-L2-Model s820.jpg


VRB120 for 1 stage : 


VRB120-L1-Model s820.jpg


VRB120 for 2 stage : 


VRB120-L2外形图-Model s820.jpg


Application :

application 00.jpg




Q: How can I get the quotation?

A:We can submit the quotation in 48 hours according to the model you select. 

   And our enigneer will forward you our gearbox drawing according to the dimensions of your motor.


Q: How you do the quality control ? 

A:1. Materials inspection by IQC;

   2. The first sample inspected by QC, QC will do over check as per the parameters list and critical dimensions requested by customers, to decide if it can go ahead for production;

   3. During processing, our IPQC will check the injection molded parts every 2 hours, ensure no any rejects;

   4. FQC will check the products before sending to the warehouse;

   5. 100% inspected by OQC before shipping out.


Q: What should we do if you receive defective products?

A: If receive defective product, please send us the photos, we will feedback to our engineers and QC departments and solve the  problems ASAP.


Q: Do you support custom made for special application ?

A:Yes,for special application we develop and manufacture custom made models


 Please feel free to contact us for the details .